Willow Creek — Johnson County, Iowa

Brief note: I have been tooling around with R and ggplot and thought I’d throw some of the graphs I’ve made up for the heck of it.  I’m more focused on messing around with the graphs than with accuracy of the analysis, so please keep that in mind. All of the data was pulled from the Iowater program.

I’m not entirely certain where Willow Creek is located but there is a Willow Creek Park in southwest Iowa City, IA. So, I suppose it might be there? Unfortunately, the dataset which I pulled doesn’t seem to have location info and I haven’t poked around to the Iowater site too much.

Below, are a handful of annual boxplots for Willow Creek.  The dataset for site WC03 on Willow Creek contained 464 observation when I pulled it on 11/25/2012. The dataset I found didn’t list units, so I guessed on most of the plots.





And here are phosphate boxplots for each of the 178 monitored sites in Johnson County from 2006 – 2012. Click the image to embiggen.